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KaeRZed 11/06/2013

Universal Audio UAD-1 : KaeRZed's user review

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What motivated me most to the purchase is the ratio of the universally recognized quality plug-ins and used the UAD-1 price.

As I make music exclusively based synths and thus most of my sounds already undergoing treatment at the base, I'm not necessarily a fan of hyper processing and overproduction, so purchase a UAD-2 Quad seemed a bit superfluous.

In short, access to AU plugs for 85 euros seemed a good Cygnus. In practice, I'm pretty happy and I'm planning to take a second to increase my processing power at a lower cost ...

I'm on PC (W7/64) with a Core2Duo at 3.00GHz, 4GB of RAM, an SSD for the system and discs HSS sATA 7200 rpm for the rest. Nothing extraordinary, and with Cubase 5.5 / Reason 7, it runs well enough to make me happy.


I use these plugs in Cubase 5.
Latency does not bother me because I use at the mixing stage, where we can afford some latency without much impact.
I never encountered any crash, and within the limits of my power DSP PCI, the use of effects is totally transparent.

It works and it sounds. What more?


No worries when installing from the moment you take the 5 minutes necessary to read the explanations in the manual.
I bought this card used to AF, I created my account from Universal Audio and transfer of licenses plugs posed no worries.

In short: no problem on my side.


So it's a year and a half since I bought this UAD-1, and although the power of a single card comes quickly to its limits, it works and it sounds.
I'll buy another one to give me more room and power, hop, it will nickel!