Universal Audio UAD-1e Express Pak
Universal Audio UAD-1e Express Pak

UAD-1e Express Pak, DSP Board from Universal Audio in the UAD-1e series.

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solo84 04/16/2008

Universal Audio UAD-1e Express Pak : solo84's user review


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I spend on tedious data sheet. I can only say that the card is rather small, so no worries in the tower! I use it on a PC with dual processor Athlon 3200 + nVidia nForce4 Chipset 2Gig of DDR2 RAM + Motu Ultralite all under XP SP2.


Install: No worries! First you install the drivers, then off we plugue the card and on again.

Authorization: Very well screwed from Universal Audio! You manage your authorization and the whole shebang from your account on their site. If your PC is not connected to the Internet (audio on a PC, it's safer!) Pb not either, the permissions are not machine dependent. You can also transfer the permissions on another PC ... etc.. In short they have everything included!


Stability: impeccable! No crash!
The interfaces of plugs are mostly near-photographic reproduction of the real machine: superb! The fluid level meters also is there!

The Big One: THE SOUND! Whaouh! How to say? I have good preamps, tapping correct and I worked with the best softwares plugins: Waves SSL, Waves API EQ URS ... etc
UAD-1 drives it all gently, without forcing ... It's not the slap spectacular, just that it sounds like good stuff hardware! This is the floor above, what ...
The Precision Limiter sounds the retreat of the Waves L2 and L3 (which is saying something, considering the quality of these!), Each plugin has a sound all his own, and always recognizable as emulating the musical gear to x thousand euros!

The black dot: the power. But this will not affect my rating because AU is very clear on this point: on their site you will find a chart that clearly explains the number of instances possible for each plug, so full transparency of the brand! Others should take a leaf!


This prestigious brand has everything included! Surprising to see how they were able to position itself on the software with as much talent, professionalism and creativity they have always had the hardware stuff!

I'll pay for a 2nd double the power because I 'imagines a mix voice, bass, drums, or a master without those plugs!

Total favorite!