Universal Audio UAD-1e Express Pak
Universal Audio UAD-1e Express Pak

UAD-1e Express Pak, DSP Board from Universal Audio in the UAD-1e series.

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gorgeous 09/04/2006

Universal Audio UAD-1e Express Pak : gorgeous's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I bought the pci express card pci more since I qq months and I was very happy (qualities of plugs). and I wanted more power.
I do not think they have much in the way, I went in 24bits/48kHz to be more.
But with two cards is better.


Installation: good galley which the fault does not return in part to the DSUs.
the first was installed pci card with no points. PCI Express is something else:
1. to its BIOS, because I had a motherboard have pci-e ports but that did not work! but after updating the BIOS (what about the time when I bought it!)
2.ensuite here thickens: The pci-e is known at the expense of the first, in this case we must place each card in the slot, respectively, as high as possible so that the two do not conflict and are well recognized .
Surprises when 3.qq also updates the permissions in the registry: Cubase can not find the plugs! I had to start one after the other site amenities and permissions! Finally it works.


Very good latency, very high quality plugs, especially the last Neve 1073, which blew me away demo, where purchase. With all the pannel, (I have a pack Ultra plus Neve and the multiband compressor), it was sth very versatile. And it does not sound dull!

To use two cards is a bit random because sometimes there is no optimization of DSP resources, so if the plugs last charge is heavy, it saturates when changing the order of the last two to ie less greedy last, resources are redistributed differently and here goes ... a bit odd, we have to think, it should be automatic.


In summary, the plugs are of such quality that you forget the rest, it is also the purpose of the map!
With two cards, preferring to 48kHz 96kHz sampling that is opened twice as many plugs!

Good quality / price ratio (especially as I accumulated three specials that $ 300 voucher on plugs), and above all it sounds really!