Boost PA 2600
Boost PA 2600
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fred dark 11/15/2005

Boost PA 2600 : fred dark's user review


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I do not own this amp, I just test.
Verdict: well if you empty the Interior can make you a nice range techno cd I do not see any other utility.
As for those ads than in darkness and against short circuits or against remperature leve work very well, ask yourself the question, Is it a you would expect from an amp ? an amp that does not care about short-circuited just 2 things 1 - you know nothing in the connection and you do not make the difference between a socket 220volts and audio terminal, 2 - part I be the shit do not know which amp gets short-circuited without reason, I think it is the grave.
Finally remember that boost the amp sells EPA 5500 (2x500w into 8 ohms on paper 2x350 rel) for 499euros, crest audio markets the cpx1500 (2x300w 8ohm in the paper and 2x300w 8ohm real) for 449 euros in the knowledge that crest is recognized around the world for its reliable and stable amp, I have a personal crest cpx1500 and even background security did not start, never short circuit, never overheated, never pregnant Cramer and yet I am not kind.