DW Drums
5000(10), Collector's(5)
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DW Drums user reviews

  • DW Drums Collector's Series - Finish ply - Black Ice

    DW Drums Collector's Series - Finish ply - Black Ice - " Impressive!"


    Specifications ---------------- Dw Collector's series - a monster! My kit: DW Collector's Series Finish Ply - Black Ice "22-10-12-14-16" & ACROLITE Ludwig Snare 14x6, 5 The hardware kit is very good quality and reputation of the full h…

  • DW Drums 5000

    DW Drums 5000 - " VERY GOOD FOOT"


    I use it for 1 year and a half now and I'm very happy. Having sprayed my old DW7002 (screw broken, broken bats, wear serrated crowns, broken spring, cloven feet .....) I had to find her replacement. The DW5002 was the only one with the iron cobr…

  • DW Drums 5002

    DW Drums 5002 - " I recommend it to any drummer!"


    I recommend it to everyone this little DW! Not need an Iron Cobra, Cobra Speed ​​and other trivia too expensive! A good little as DW that will allow you to touch any area with a good accuracy, good hitting and good speed! I RECOMMEND! …

  • DW Drums 9002

    DW Drums 9002 - " of the cam TRUE"


    just for info. I am a drummer with 23 years of intensive practice behind me. I played a lot of pedals .. this one, honestly, ca doitfaire almost 5 years maybe I've (I have the double version), she not move a muscle!! this is awesome ... tjs n…

  • DW Drums Performance

    DW Drums Performance - " very satisfied"


    I use it since last summer I had other different brand batteries is a nice drumkit that sounds very easy to adjust well over the value for money and very good choice I would do this …

  • DW Drums 5002

    DW Drums 5002 - colindu88's review


    How long you use it? I used it for almost a year, but the double I had had almost 20 years after another drummer, with a simple string and a single gimbal. It dropped me there can, and find an almost impossible if you do not want to buy the rod up …

  • DW Drums DW finish ply collector series

    DW Drums DW finish ply collector series - " A real bomb!"


    I use it for over a year. I've tried many other batteries before, and I always other. What I love most: ease of tuning, power, precision, accuracy, his snare ....... What I like least: I always feel like saying its price but it wants much! Qu…

  • DW Drums boa

    DW Drums boa - " Similar to the Axis! Great product!"


    How long have you use it? Unfortunately as stated in my ad, she sleeps in my closet for a long time now ... tested just once. Have you tried many other models before buying it? Yes some of them and I stayed in my old Iron Cobra, however, the…

  • DW Drums 9000

    DW Drums 9000 - " The ultimate!"


    I use it for a little over three years and I do not change it for anything. I tried some prs everything is done in high-end but the DW 9000 is well above the lot: subtle, fine, Ractive, powerful when needed, prcise, fast solid, with a good double …

  • DW Drums 9000

    DW Drums 9000 - " A killing!"


    Top. Everything else is below. This is the fastest, most powerful, most Ractive, the most sensitive, the strongest, most CHRE! ^ ^ Apart from those made with the NASA matrial (which are really more Chres forcment and not better). It is like a clutch …