DW Drums
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DW Drums user reviews

  • DW Drums Edge Neil Peart Commemorative Snare

    DW Drums Edge Neil Peart Commemorative Snare - ptibou's review


    Ago I bought a few tps snare DW Satin Oil Series EDGE wood. The product is exelente like finish. Little to say about the restriction when the DW flat price of course. It is true that for a 1400 E cc, it's still a bit expensive but good .. the res…

  • DW Drums 9002

    DW Drums 9002 - " The key study for greater efficiency"


    This will do a little less than 5 years since I use it regularly (one hour per day on average) This pedal is simply a marvel Spring is located inside and not outside on a pulley result, it gains power, flexibility and speed. Those you wish to play, i…

  • DW Drums 5000

    DW Drums 5000 - ScahR's review


    Very good double. I use it for 1 year now and I am very happy. We must spend some time to adjust at first but once we found the right settings, it is super comfortable with this pedal, although it does not vale pedals upscale . I do not regret …

  • DW Drums 7002PT

    DW Drums 7002PT - bobby_steeve's review


    I availing oneself of this pedal for over a year and I am more than happy. DW requires one hand on the very good stuff. Any Manir just trying MODEL 4000 on we can understand why everyone is talking about DW. The MODEL 7000 is for more people like…

  • DW Drums 5002 TD3

    DW Drums 5002 TD3 - sma972's review


    For how long have you been using it? I use it for 1 year What thing do you like most/least about it? jaime its strength, intelligence of design, fluidity of the mechanics Did you try many other models before getting this one? I had not…

  • DW Drums 8000

    DW Drums 8000 - Dj_samy91's review


    I have this pedal for less than a month. What I like most: we see immediately that it's tough, it's accurate, adjustable wishes. What I like least it's not really a default is that I still have not found my ideal setting. I had not tried man…

  • DW Drums Mini Pro

    DW Drums Mini Pro - gregorychaille's review


    I use this drumkit for a week What I like least is the sound of the bass drum that makes the Czech act tom mdium and small bass sound. Dja can not enter the center of the skin without rhausseur shame at this price Lles feet of the bass are in my to…

  • DW Drums 5002 TD3

    DW Drums 5002 TD3 - xenesys's review


    APRS I think the drumkit Roland TD9 KX-I attack the double pedals DW 5002 TD3 ^ ^ I bought at the same time (ie May 2008). This is my first drumkit so it's also my first double pedals. Logical, right? ^ ^ My only other test was an Iron Cobra, b…

  • DW Drums 8002

    DW Drums 8002 - Nimajneb's review


    Hello, possdant a DW 5002 double pedals in France but dsormais capita in China, I had the choice between paying a high price for this dernire send up to me, or else invest in a new double-pedals here. The price diffrence s'avrant be minimal betw…

  • DW Drums 5002

    DW Drums 5002 - Gaby96's review


    How long have you use it? It's been two and a half years that I play on the double pedal, without remorse or regret. What is so special that you like most and least? Comfort and typing accuracy are what I like in this pedal. The main drawbac…