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Wholegrain launches a Dynamic EQ plug-in

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Wholegrain Digital Systems LLC Quartet DynPEQ
News Wholegrain Digital Systems LLC Quartet DynPEQ

Software dynamic EQ from Wholegrain Digital Systems LLC

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Wholegrain Digital Systems LLC, manufacturer of speciality audio software, has announced the availability of Quartet DynPEQ™, a signal processing plug-in for the soundBlade digital audio workstation. Quartet is the first product that applies Wholegrain's proprietary DynPEQ™ technology.

Audio professionals and enthusiasts alike are familiar with dynamics processors and parametric equalizers. Dynamic parametric equalization, or DynPEQ, is an integrated alliance of these two signal processing blocks. DynPEQ can perform as either a broadband dynamics processor or as a standalone equalizer, but can also apply the functionality of one to the other. Quartet’s multi-band dynamics processor settings can be configured to operate on a particular parametric band instead of the entire audio spectrum.

Quartet DynPEQ is designed especially for the task of digital audio mastering. Quartet contains four individually configurable DynPEQ bands, and a special gain stage. Wholegrain claim they have designed the dynamics processing element of Quartet to minimize audible artifacts, which would allow Quartet to render its dynamics with a high degree of transparency. To assist in fine-tuning the sound, each DynPEQ band can be individually bypassed. An adjustable, low frequency blocking filter operates on the input to avoid headroom-robbing DC offset. A limiter processes the combined output of the four DynPEQ bands, which employs extrapolation of analog peaks from the digital signal. The maximum peak is registered in real-time to assist in the detailed management of peak levels.

Quartet offers a factory library of presets, such as de-ess, de-hum, brightness, and warmth, which can be dragged and dropped onto any band. In addition to A and B registers for quick comparison, Quartet maintains an unlimited set of patch registers for saving and retrieving project settings.

Quartet DynPEQ is sold through Sonic Studio LLC, the manufacturer of soundBlade. Information on soundBlade and ordering Quartet DynPEQ can be found at www.wholegrain-ds.com.

Price: 995$.
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