Beyerdynamic M 201 TG
Beyerdynamic M 201 TG

M 201 TG, Dynamic Microphone from Beyerdynamic in the M series.

Slipmurd 07/10/2012

Beyerdynamic M 201 TG : Slipmurd's user review

«  Good price / quality ratio! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
This is a dynamic microphone designed for instrument miking, live and studio.


I use it for several months now. I bought a little trusting to the reputation of the brand. I had a microphone in the style of SM57, but hey that's the seen and the seen, everyone has one, I needed to get out of the "standard Shure" that everyone follows a few by default.

I love its versatility: I used to catch harmonica (for the technical side, he was placed at + / - 15 cm of the instrument, not really in line. It was "coupled "a Sennheiser E835 (type SM58 microphone), up against the gate, to Toots Thielemans. mixing of the two gave a surprisingly good result!).

It is also very effective in front of a good amp (I play on an Orange Tiny Terror with the small cabinet of the same brand), preferably in line, close enough to the speaker (but please try to place in 50taine of an inch if you have a room with too much reverb dégeulasse, rendering can be pretty, according to the desired effect!)

It may give not too bad on a snare drum effect. It can help in sound, but there are still j'pense best to properly transplant a snare ... That said, as he readily accepts high level of intensity, it can be very convenient for everything percussion!

I also had to record a glockenspiel (kind of small métalophone without resonator tube below), a big microphone on 20taine cm from the top, off center, slightly askew, very very conclusive results, while the instrument in question not necessarily sounded good at the base.

The voice goes pretty well, have to manage the proximity effect. Do not forget the pop filter of course. For the price, it's really not bad to have too much bad voice, both spoken than sung.

SPEAKING OF PROXIMITY EFFECT: it is HUGE on this microphone, tape 10 dB below 200Hz for a near 1 cm, 6 dB for close to 10cm, and it is only at a just under a meter that is beginning to have a frequency response approximately neutral.

This feature is not really annoying in taking on his amp, or when the microphone is not used very close, but personally I am not yet reached to get it right with an acoustic guitar, sound does I think not at all balanced when looking for a plan similar to guitar. It becomes so when you put the microphone of a 50taine cm, it looks pretty good, but it's at all the desired effect!

The same applies to voice, and this is also where you see that it is not done. But hey, managing just the EQ properly, it becomes correct.

I also did some experiments on bass amp, not super convincing, but with a good amp to 100 € and an old Ibanez which is not worth much, it's always hard to have something correct.

I think with the same budget I would do this choice, except with regard to the acoustic guitar (although one day perhaps I will find the position that miracle that it sounds), it makes me good service. As already said, I find it also has a fairly low output level, I owe a lot to push the preamp to get something decent.