Beyerdynamic M 201 TG
Beyerdynamic M 201 TG

M 201 TG, Dynamic Microphone from Beyerdynamic in the M series.

mrjason 11/30/2012

Beyerdynamic M 201 TG : mrjason's user review

« Very good microphone, wish it was a little cheaper though »

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When it comes to instrument microphones it can be difficult to pick the right one for what you need to do. We have been through so many different instrument microphones and some we like and some we don’t. The BeyerDynamic M 201 TG gives use a clean and respected sound. We just didn’t like the price tag that is on it. For some reason I felt like this microphone was a little over priced considering some of the other microphones that BeyerDynamic makes that sound very similar to the M 201 TG but cost about 30 percent less than it does.


Some instruments in your studio or on stage are hard to microphone up because of the space around the instrument and it could be a tight squeeze in order to get a microphone back there. The M 201 TG is a slim microphone that can reach back to those hard to reach places. This microphone also does a great job of not interfering with your speakers and monitors because it has a special coil design. It will allow you to have it very close to all of your gear without it causing issues to your other gear or audio quality.
This is a great hypercardioid polar pattern microphone, it has a 3 pin connector and a well built frame. The M 201 TG should hold up for a long time and be your tuff to reach places microphone especially in a cramped studio like ours or small stage where all of the gear might be crammed together. We do not use this microphone all the time but it is great to have it for some situations. The sound is crystal clear no matter what you record with it. If the price was a little less we would probably purchased a couple of these. BeyerDynamic has always made great microphones but for some reason I feel they overpriced this one just a little bit. If you have the money to spend, check out the TG V90r by BeyerDynamic.