Beyerdynamic TG-X 58
Beyerdynamic TG-X 58

TG-X 58, Dynamic Microphone from Beyerdynamic in the TG series.

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MGR/Tubedriver 03/24/2002

Beyerdynamic TG-X 58 : MGR/Tubedriver's user review

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I have been reviewing this unit as a replacement for my Shure SM58 which bit the dust some time back (only 3 years old!). This unit costs about $270 AUD which is considerably cheaper than the recommended retail price of a SM58!

This mic is a good performer. It has a nice even top end and a fair bit more sizzle than a '58. It seems to take less "effort" to sing with this mic. I could plug it in with only minor adjustments to my monitoring and FOH settings. It also recorded quite nicely. It would be decent as a hand held for a female singer as it is quite light. It also looks good.

It doesnt take close hard vocal as well as a '58. I like to sing very close to the mic and this seemed to "push" it a little too much. Backing off has its own issues such as feedback etc. which is a problem in some places we play that have less than desirable acoustic qualities. This mic also has an on/off switch which didnt seem to function properly when I first plugged it in. After a couple of clicks it worked ok but that didnt give me an immediate good impression. You can screw the on/off switch down to lock it, but I dunno....I always associate on/off switches with cheaper mics for some reason. I swapped back and forth between the sm58 and this mic quite often, and found that although the sm58 did sound a little duller, I could seem to get more out of it when required.

It is quite light, a nice soft lacquer coating (black) and comes with a solid clip to mount on a stand. Looks nice.

This mic is quite nice. I didnt keep it because we did have a couple of problems due to all the other guys using sm58's so its probably best I keep to the same thing.

The Beyer would be a great mic for anyone starting up a PA system or for a backup. I didnt try it on instruments so no comment there.

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