Sennheiser e 609
Sennheiser e 609
MGR/daveb 03/06/2010

Sennheiser e 609 : MGR/daveb's user review

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Large diaphragm microphone designed special like for miking guitar amps. Compact design. Silver on the input side. Black on the audience side. I play loud rock guitar and I am very picky about the tone of my rig being accurately sent to FOH. I use some effects in my signal path and want them to make the trip out front too! Sound techs like 'em too!

Bought two of them at Piano's N Stuff in Blawnox, north of Pittsburgh. I think I picked them up for just under a $100.00 each since I was buying two.

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I use two combos in my live set up. Any two of the following: Marshall 5175, Fender Studio Lead. Tech 21 Trademark 60. Hughes and Kettner Attax 80 or Gallien Krueger Backline 100. You put the E609 in front of the speaker, close up and you are done. The sound of the rig comes out front, not the mike (yes, I'm talking to you Mr. SM57). I put relatively high SPL into these knuckleheaded looking mics with no breakup. That's good.

you can't polish a turd. If your tone blows this microphone will not cure it.

Well made mic by a good company. Both of mine have about a hundred gigs on them and two recording sessions. No complaints.

You will not break the bank on this mike and should be very happy with the results. I you are not satisfied, please keep the wonder whisk as our free gift.

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