Lô83 01/12/2007

Sennheiser e 855 : Lô83's user review


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Dynamic mic that I use exclusively for singing.


I've had four months soon. I did gigs with 5-6. The overall opinion is pretty good. I have long used an sm58 is a bit Drout beginners to spend on this microphone. It was not the same dynamic. The sound is more neutral with the Sennheiser with the shure. there is no such bump in the mdium CHARACTERISTICS sm58, and the treble is more clear.
I find it quite sensitive to feedback (back strong when I play in a small room! So it's no wonder) and that its output level is "medium". Fawn subjective, I would say it is not rock'n'roll trs o) If you play rock and mtal, I think the sm58 is better. If it's more jazzy see variety, sennheiser seems to me better. It also dpend your tone of voice ... try me before purchase.

Apart from the remarks I made prcdemment, I still advise the microphone. It took me several RPET and concerts to "tame" but now I'm really happy.

Buy another microphone before?? Yes, I think the sm58 is happening everywhere and is a must.
EDIT January 2007

In the end I am happy with this micro plutt. He has super Aiges, trs lens, probably a little cold for some votes. But it is a matter of taste. For I am against of its robustness ... He gave me four years of loyal service, but now he's dead. The capsule glue whenever j'mets sound of the cost, I rechte else ... we will test the BETA58 to see;)