Sennheiser e 906
Sennheiser e 906

e 906, Dynamic Microphone from Sennheiser in the evolution 900 series.

Bapsite 11/03/2005

Sennheiser e 906 : Bapsite's user review


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- Supercardioid Dynamic Microphone (Leger and robust)
(For the rest we do not care a bit ... c not just the technical features kon microphones nor the rest of the sites are also worse manufacturer for AC)

Another new version of the famous Sennheiser E609 (This suggests a see the reviews of it too)
Micro (of course) typed (and even done) to the resumption of amplified guitar.

New: A filter is about 4 kHz, which is downright cool: It changes the sound well and it goes quite a bit to mix (can be reduced (Jazz) increase (Metal) or leave it (Rock))


Amplifiers-Guitar (Frankly ... All! If you have a good amp, good guitar, especially a good guitarist (we forget it too quickly) ca ring. Put in close proximity, do not hesitate to mount the her (but that feeling in c).
-Toms: They say the 609 but fo Excellent waiting for tests (I no battery)
-Brass, Saxophone, Congas, collected (in the ca notice I can not say but as much cash it can be quite a bit: the beautiful transitional)
-Voice: The Pink Floyd live Took a while with an older version pourkoi not ... It sounds a bit "agricultural", but good (not top jsuis personal conviction but jlai kavec test my voice so well ... rather Fodrait I change the voice I think)

I already chewing a little work but good:
-Electric guitar: Really good: A nice presence, a stamp faithful, the great transitional accurate enough at the top of the spectrum (for a guitar eh attention)
As its clear that saturate it goes really well.
For the rest fo-g see no loccaz test yet.

We do not forget:
C a microphone designed to be in front of hp ... close! supercardio and more so:
If you have a room to the sound decays do not even think about a static (or cash so who "really" good), it captures really like the sound of the HP

Voila voila, I like well I'm happy, if you want to make home made guitar trankil (or to live too) and you not want to take the head with too much room acoustics and etc. it sounds c own right thing to do (after the 57 is not the same but c c another sound fo see (or hear rather) c but neither better nor worse, and then for that price eh ... it will end up worse o on stage)

Good shopping and good sound (well it is in France qd mm :-)

PS: I speak my Ehhh behh c crazy.