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Sennheiser MD 421-II
Sennheiser MD 421-II

Dynamic Microphone from Sennheiser belonging to the MD 421 series

stompboxjon stompboxjon

« good for the studio »

Published on 04/12/12 at 15:28
The Sennheiser MD 421 II is a cardioid dynamic microphone that has been around for quite a long time. One of the cool things about this mic is that it has a bass roll off switch but it doesn’t say exactly what frequencies its rolling off though. These go for around 350 to 400 dollars or so online now (not brand new). They are worth every penny considering the quality you will get with this mic.


There has been a lot of changes to the MD 421 II from the previous models. The 421 is built a lot tougher than the previous models and has a sleeker design to it. You will love using this mic if you can fit it into your budget. It will deliver a very clear clean sound with no feedback and as I said before there is a several position roll off switch.

I haven tried a few other models of this microphone and most of them are the same to be honest. They all provide a pretty good quality. In my opinion I wouldn’t get this mic just to record some stuff from home with. Its too expensive, unless you are work thing with some time of record deal or decent budget. Its not worth spending that much for a home set up when there are a ton of other mics that sound similar to this one that will cost a fraction of the price you will spend for this mic.

Overall, its a great mic not really anything bad to say about it. They also have a anniversary version of this mic that is gold plated. It looks real nice, but it’s the same as this mic don’t like they goldish colar fool you. So if you have a budget and can afford to get this mic I say go for it. If you don’t want to sped that much money look into some cheaper mics that will provide the same quality as this mic will.