Shure Beta 58A
Shure Beta 58A

Beta 58A, Dynamic Microphone from Shure in the BETA series.

ericthegreat 09/21/2011

Shure Beta 58A : ericthegreat's user review


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This Shure Beta 58A does exactly what it says it does, and it does it perfectly. My band is big and loud, and while the traditional SM58 was working fine for me (I'm a loud male singer), it wasn't working for our female vocalists. A combination of their frequency range (high) and vocal style (not as loud) was giving us problems. Their vocals came out muddy too quiet, and were prone to feedback when we turned them up. The Beta 58 fixed everything: the frequency response sounds wonderful with their voices, giving them more presence and clarity, and the supercardioid pattern of the mic makes it reject the heck out of feedback.


I've always felt that to get a great sound you had to buy a slightly more expensive mic to really capture the full spectrum of your voice. Using Senheiser and a few other brands (which I'm not bashing they're still great companies) I recently switched over to this mic and immediately heard more lows and mids in my voice and haven't had any feedback issues at high gain. I use the TC Helicon harmony G for effects and vocal harmonies and even with my full band behind me and the mic and it's peak of hotness it's completely in control and doesn't feedback on me. I'll never buy another mic for live vocals ever again. See why this is the industry standard for yourself.

Recently I bought one of these to try in the studio and wasn't that impressed, but on the first gig - WOW!!! I thought there was something wrong with the connections on the SM58's. The Beta was just so clear that it made the SM's sound like kazoos! Needless to say, I replaced all the mics with Betas even all of the instrument mics including the drummers.

These just make everyone sound better, clearer, and let us use less gain playing live.