Shure Beta 58A
Shure Beta 58A

Beta 58A, Dynamic Microphone from Shure in the BETA series.

Lsan 07/24/2003

Shure Beta 58A : Lsan's user review


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Well, sm58 dynamic mic's successor, for taking votes ...


I have been using something like micro main voice for home recording, APRS having a dynamic and a static ... pif
my static silent so sensitive that I tankards all ambient noise, car engines, slamming doors, birds in the yard ... c'tait a micro trs more neutral, crystalline, irrprochable except that He was too sensitive ... so I look for a DCID dynamic trs good quality recordings for my homestudio with the desire to have something with more color m confidence vis vis the mark as it is DCRI (both quotes and REFERENCE) for situations together and no more ...
short, I test bulk beyer (tgx40, T88 I know the exact MODEL), the akg (d3800), the Sennheiser (E855 and e865 - electret it), an Audio Technica electret, for shure (sm 57 and 58, 57 and thus the beta 58). good, if I had the money, I would have a test or a neumann akg C414 Thiers, but I also chopp birds ...
I ultimately chose the Beta 58A, APRS having a first depth test with the Sennheiser e865 which had the particularity to have the same default as my static in terms of rendering (background noise) , finesse and less noise (c'tait even rude, hello ... the proximity of DGAT from the sm58, it has the same round in the mids (clear color but c ' is what I was looking), and brightness in the treble flateuse and more ... at least the SM did not really sharp ... in terms of proximity is not a attnu not pollute too low even if the cut is ncessaire ...

short, I put 10 because it suits me perfectly ... then all of MRIT be essay based on the votes of each grain ... I know in any case that German brands because I do not like a proximity effect too pronounced (for dynamic, but I did not test static) ...

Note that I did a test with the Quickly making a scratching sound, and I think with a little research investment we can get something right ... trs