Shure SM57
Shure SM57

SM57, Dynamic Microphone from Shure in the SM series.

AlanForPresident 05/08/2012

Shure SM57 : AlanForPresident's user review

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I actually purchased the Shure SM 57 mic from a local music store called KB Music a few years back. I just wanted a good quality mic that I could used with no stand or pop filter at home just to record a few light demo vocals and save them for when I was at the real studio. The shure SM 57 did just that without any problems. I probably could have got a lot better quality with it if It was stationary on a stand and had a pop filter on it. I haven’t had any “live” experiences with this mic yet and probably wont. I just did a few some demos and even played some piano chords while recording my vocals at the same time. Of course with just one mic it didn’t sound great taking in the vocals and piano but I could definitely create something and record it into cool edit pro and shoot it to my ipod so I could listen to it and see how it would sound before I invest money into real studio time.


One thing I love the most about the mic is how accurate it was with my voice. I did no eq to the vocals at all and the low end was pretty warm and hi’s weren’t over the top. Everything seemed to be pretty neat and clean. I have even recorder my friend who is a singer on it and it picked her high pitches up great. And keep in mind I had no stand and no pop filter on it. So it was great with just pretty raw sound. The price point of it is what makes it so great to me, to be able to invest that little money and get that quality cant be beat. But Shure’s mics are always good , I think I purchased it off the name brand alone. If it would have cost 50 dollars more I probably still would have got it over some other name brands.