Shure SM57
Shure SM57

SM57, Dynamic Microphone from Shure in the SM series.

badgerific 03/30/2011

Shure SM57 : badgerific's user review

« Great mic for your collection. »

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This is small diaphragm dynamic microphone used for live and studio applications which is useful for many different instruments, including guitars, horn instruments and snare drums.

This mic is small and rugged and I've had no problems with it during the time I've owned it.

Specs include:

- Uniform cardioid pickup pattern to ensure it only picks sound from the source and not background noise

- Frequency response of 40Hz to 15,000Hz

- Pneumatic shock mount system to reduce handling noise

- Three pin XLR connection

- Die cast steel case which is very strong, despite dropping my SM57 a few times I've barely even scratched it


I've only used this microphone in a studio setting (Home recording and university studio) so I can't comment on how well it works in a live environment. I routinely use this microphone for two things, that is for recording guitar cabinets and snare drums. I really enjoy the sound produced when using a pair of these microphones to mic the top and bottom of a snare.

I think this is a great microphone to add to a collection as it's useful for lots of different things and is relatively cheap and will last for years. I don't think this microphone is the best choice as your only microphone as I have a cheap dynamic microphone in the style of a SM58 which is much better at capturing the sound of my acoustic guitar and voice accurately.

This microphone is well renowned for being rugged and being able to withstand years of use and abuse. I've accidently dropped mine lots of times and it's worked perfectly since the day I got it. I've seen a few videos on the youtube website with experiments to see how strong these microphones are, I'd recommend having a look at these videos as they're very interesting.