Shure SM57
Shure SM57

SM57, Dynamic Microphone from Shure in the SM series.

Rj_4000 06/01/2011

Shure SM57 : Rj_4000's user review

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Well, you all know what's the point: cardioid dynamic microphone,
Voice behind and instruments.

Its particularity: Ben is released about 45 years ago, with the SM58!

If not, well it is directed "clarity" so medium. Forget the bass and treble extremes chiseled.
Solid, yes. As the SM58, he made his legend on the rock scene worldwide. So better be strong ;-)


I use it since I plugged a microphone into a table for the first time in concert. Any sound engineer had at the time. Now and always.

I restored a fleet of pickups for 1 year and yes, I added an SM57 and SM58.
I use the SM57 especially on some guitar amps. While I generally prefer the E906 ... Not the same sound. Further, let's say.

The SM57-SM58-like is not very sensitive. Especially compared to some modern microphones. So unless you have a sound that transplanting a sufficient level, if the guitar amp of course it is better a good preamp if you want to draw sth ... It's contradictory, but this cheap mic preamps likes that cost much more than him ... Again, except for medium and loud sounds, like the amp rock snare. It is also true for the SM58.

Value for money? Well today is a little overrated, I think. We pay the name. But hey, at the micro 100euros new, it may not be the flight anyway. Saying he had a good Q / P to 70euros ...

I would do if the choice? Yes, of course. You need one. Even if only because some musicians-or-mixers require. Habits ...
But I do not buy 10. Technology-and price-mics has also evolved in recent years ...

Just one thing: there are many opinions on this mic ... and I read some nonsense below. (Do not want to play my cunning, but there ...)
Proofread your opinions a little, please! There's no directivity "omni cardio. And directionality of SM57 and SM58 is the same. As for storing it in the "capacitor-type cardio ...
In addition, and importantly, to my knowledge there is no Shure "Made in China". They are WRONG. No wonder that the quality goes down compared to a Shure "Made in Mexico"! And, so, that he found a great sensitivity to feedback ... This is not my experience!

It must be said, for Shure (but beware, it's true for other brands too): there are a lot of FALSE. And resale value is affected! Damage.