Shure SM57
Shure SM57

SM57, Dynamic Microphone from Shure in the SM series.

nickname009 08/27/2011

Shure SM57 : nickname009's user review


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The SM57 is a legendary mic and has become the industry standard for almost EVERYTHING.

Dynamic mic, with cardioid polar pattern. An a supposed extended response.

The dynamic mic part itself is quite small not like a vocal mic like the SM58 but can still generally be used for vocals, drums, guitars, saxophones, congas, harmonica, etc etc the list goes on. So in that sense it's versatile, just like most mics, as they should be!


I can't really explain how they've become the industry standard mic. I'm not saying that they sound bad, there are better mics out there for the price of course. Maybe it's because they are relatively inexpensive and also sound decent? I can't say that they sound great or transparent as the Sm57 to my ears seems to be a bit sterile at some points and sometimes has a little bit too much highs and treble presence, making everything a little bit brighter. It also doesn't completely capture the low end of certain instruments properly i feel, but it definitely captures a spectrum of sound that seems to cut through the mix and sound alright.

I've used these mics on a numerous amount of recordings and live situations for guitar, bass, vocals, drums, brass and harmonics primarily.

I wouldn't say this is the best mic for whatever application but I do think this is a very generic sounding mic with enchanced presence and highs. But it has become so renowned now that everybody and their grandmother has one! It always seems to be that way, that the decent stuff that's well priced, becomes something of a classic.

Overall though, decent mic, decently priced.