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Shure SM57
Shure SM57

Dynamic Microphone from Shure belonging to the SM series.

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ejendres ejendres

« The industry standard for a reason »

Publié le 10/10/11 à 21:32
In my experience this is the most common mic on the stage and in the studio. It is a dynamic mic. It is the industry standard for a reason, it is tough, it is cheap, and it sounds good. I got mine second hand from a guy who had had it for years. The thing is dinged up and the grill is bent, but it still works beautifully. Its typically used to mic guitars and snares from what I've seen, but I've used it on vocals and even acoustic guitar and its held its own. I think one of the reasons its become the industry standard is because of this versatility. Though it isn't the best mic for everything, it is a good mic for nearly everything.


The thing I like least about the mic is also thing I like most. It has this nasty little upper midrange hump that makes the mic cut beautifully live, but also can boost some unwanted frequencies in a studio situation. That said, its pretty easy to compensate for this with mic placement and equalization.

Undoubtedly this mic is a great value. They can be had for $100 new, less if you buy used. They're rugged, easy to use, quiet, and they sound great.

In the studio it seems to really help if you pair them with a condenser mic. The best sounds I ever got out of it was when I blended it with my AT2020. This mic helps to really fill out out the condenser sound.

Overall this is a great mic, and amazing for the price. On the stage it'll cut through in a mix and will reliable night after night. In the studio it is a great tool, especially if you've taken the time to learn how to use it best.