Shure Beta 56A
Shure Beta 56A

Beta 56A, Dynamic Microphone from Shure in the BETA series.

JimboSpins 09/25/2012

Shure Beta 56A : JimboSpins's user review

« Great deal purchasing the 56A »

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The Shure Beta 56A is a super cardioid microphone that is made for drums and a few other instruments. I have only used it on drums, but I have heard it sounds great with some acoustic instruments. For the price of the Shure beta 56A it is most definitely one of the best in its class. The price is 160 online and in store, that is a very competitive price when it comes to a high quality drum microphone. The Shure Beta 56A can be used as a live microphone or for a recording instrument microphone.


The price point of this microphone is by far the best aspect of it, you wont find any other drum microphones that will sound as good as the 56A for anywhere under 200 dollars. I am very happy that my garage band has chosen to use these microphones for our drummer. We always get clean recordings with the 56A, we have used the Shure SM57 for a while before we purchased the 56A. Buying the 56A was a major upgrade and you can tell the difference in the quality when we lay down a recording. You can move this microphone around to fit in any spot that you need it in, because it sits on kind of a pivot type of stand. The grill on the 56A is also very heavy duty and can take some abuse without it getting damaged and not working. I highly recommend using the 56A by Shure if you are looking for a drum microphone. You can definitely afford this microphone. It sounds the best when hook to a snare drum, and all of the recordings will be very clean and you wont even need to touch the EQ that much, maybe just a little to cut out the really low end when you master your recording but besides that there will be no EQ needed. It will give you a very naturally sound without any effort at all. Thumbs up to Shure for this one!