Shure SM58
Shure SM58

SM58, Dynamic Microphone from Shure in the SM series.

Nyabin ghi 06/01/2013

Shure SM58 : Nyabin ghi's user review

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Live for voice is a must, we can also use it in sound studio for some instruments.

Not recommended for voice, under certain conditions eg home studio without a cabin with no sound terrible damage repisse least one limit (. Noise computer ect ...) after for 100 € is better than a bad good dynamic electrostatics.

This is a very good dynamic microphone cardioid unidirectional, it meets the requirements of Live

A lot of confusion with the Beta version of the difference is that this is a hypercardioid.


This is a microphone that I use for several decades and remains for me a safe bet, live for almost one voice that he uses, it is very rare that we ask another microphone.

No reason to take another because it suits me and I know him.

There are reliable, robust even in a tropical climate (hot / humid) no worries you can count on.

The downside is against the way the opportunity is submerged, it is better (for the price) to buy a new home to a qualified dealer to be sure of the authenticity.

Value / price why not use for this type of micro eyes closed.