Shure SM58
Shure SM58

SM58, Dynamic Microphone from Shure in the SM series.

rains_en 02/05/2009

Shure SM58 : rains_en's user review


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The shure sm-58 is a workhorse. While it is idea for vocals, it is good for live sound or studio sound but is most comfortable and commonly used in live settings. Pitted against the far superior EV brand, an untrained listener usually cant tell the difference. By no means is it cheaply made, these things are virtually indestructible. Working for a live sound company, I recommend them to most of my clients simply because they can withstand the carelessness of simple-minded singers, while maintaining a professional appearance and sound. I would not recommend it for studio recording if you have the choice to spring for some good studio quality mics. As far as the sm-57 goes, there is much speculation in likening it to the sm-58. The 58 is a vocal mic, the 57, designed for instruments. Listen to them for yourself.


The sm-58 was the first mic I ever got. Ive used it for around 7 years and I still have the first ones I ever got. Lending them to churches and bands over the years, they've been through everything imaginable and they still sound great. Having attended several classes on sound engineering, it is clear that the sm-58 is a good industry standard that never fails to deliver. I've seen it pitted against several mics and you just cant beat it for the price. Buying this mic will enshure your satisfaction.