Shure SM58
Shure SM58

SM58, Dynamic Microphone from Shure in the SM series.

mooseherman 04/28/2009

Shure SM58 : mooseherman's user review


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This dynamic mic is usable for live and studio settings, but it definitely works better in a live setting. There are some instances where it is a good mic to have in the studio. It's quite similar in design to the SM57, the obvious difference being the cap. The round cap on the 58 makes it more ideal for vocals in a live setting, since its ability to pick up voices is enhanced by the cap. In reality, it can be used for almost anything that the SM57 can be used on, which includes guitar/bass/keyboard amps, horns, and some percussion. Many people find that they can be used for almost anything. In the studio, or when recording at home, it can be used for many things, and while it's rarely the best choice, it can make do as a snare mic or horn mic when on an extremely tight budget.


I've used these mics for about 8 years and have never had a problem. I like using them for live vocals mostly. They are virtually indestructible and the sound quality has never deteriorated or gotten worse. I like the versatility of them a lot as well. For someone who isn't an audiophile, or hasn't been around microphones for very long, the differences between this mic and some of its higher-end dynamic mic counterparts is barely noticeable, or sometimes not noticeable at all. For this reason, they are more than worth the price. In fact, I've yet to find a mic in their price range that even comes close. I would say that anybody who plays live, and any broke musician who wants to start recording at home would be wise to purchase at least one of these mics. They are better in groups, though, and most people end up buying a few, which is wise.