Shure SM58
Shure SM58

SM58, Dynamic Microphone from Shure in the SM series.

yoTrakkz 08/03/2011

Shure SM58 : yoTrakkz's user review

« Great first mic.. »

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Well, we all know about the ol Shure SM58! This has probably been everyone’s first mic. This mic is better for live performance than it is for studio recording. Because when recording in the studio with this mic there seemed to be more air than normal transferred in to the mic, even with a screen in front of it. But when I heard the live performance on it, it sounded crystal clear! I remember getting this mic when I was young, and thinking it was the best investment I have ever made. it’s a very good mic but once you put some real money out you will be able to tell the difference.


I like the price of the mic the best, it’s a decent mic around 100 dollars and it offers good quality for it. But if you can save up a little more there are mics that go from 200 to 400 that are way better. But in the 100 dollar price range there is nothing better than the ol stable handy Shure SM 58 . The Shure SM 58 is a standard great starter mic for any body wanting to record vocals.

The thing I like the most about the Shure SM58 is the quality for the price, you wont find a mic in this price range that has this quality. Shure makes quality products that they stand by and give you great support. I wouldn’t have chose any other first mic for 100 dollars. This one allowed me to create great music and still learn without spending a small fortune on a “high quality” mic. The sound quality is great and very natural in a live setting. I didn’t have a chance to try any other Shure Mics, but I guarantee they are just as great as the Shure SM58!