Shure Super 55-BCR
Shure Super 55-BCR
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ThunderStick 01/23/2011

Shure Super 55-BCR : ThunderStick's user review

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Supercardioid dynamic microphone.


I use this mic for this month (January 2011). It's a novelty Shure, published last month, and I needed a microphone for singing that impresses my band on stage.
Side features and performance, it is strictly the Super 55 Deluxe (painted bright blue foam-pop), 55SH recent improvement of the classic "skull" that needs no introduction. The sound is the same, and the microphone body (except here it is painted black, and the foam is anti-pop red !!!). You may notice you refer to on the Super Deluxe 55 for more information.
Super 55 Deluxe already made me feel like, first of all for the sound it makes, so good you could almost use it in the studio (but I prefer the static from the same brand in the range KSM). But mostly I wanted a face that casts!
With the Super 55 Special Edition, it's done ... when aesthetics as unstoppable joins the capsule of the Super 55 Deluxe, used onstage and music (metal), he is the star!