TC-Helicon MP-75
TC-Helicon MP-75

MP-75, Dynamic Microphone from TC-Helicon in the MP series.

windigo 04/28/2012

TC-Helicon MP-75 : windigo's user review

«  The micro mitoné TCH .. »

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Value For Money : Excellent
This is a super cardioid dynamic microphone, put together for some time by TCH because it meets the needs of singers using branded products.
Its compatibility with a large number of processors is pretty amazing voice.
Mic scene for Voice.


I had tried and I've recently acquired for € 111 including shipping promotion. Some models already, but for specific uses.
What I like is the voice clear and straight, not too serious like a SM, which allows in sharp harmonies and effects, weight, resistance to noise and friend Larsen, assignable with the switch in Moreover, if one has the triple pedal Switch, Digitech or TCH. In short a quality mic for vocals, certainly long prepared and successfully, there is also the MP 70 for those who have no interest in the function switch, the same bill and cheaper.
Very good value, essential to many processors TCH.
But also a good mic scene without speech processor, to advise the two models for voice.
Yes I rachèterais subtilisait if I am .. :)