TC-Helicon MP-75
TC-Helicon MP-75

MP-75, Dynamic Microphone from TC-Helicon in the MP series.

mrjason 12/28/2012

TC-Helicon MP-75 : mrjason's user review

« control effects right form the mic »

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The TC Helicon MP 75 is a vocal microphone that is made for live performances. It is a super cardioids dynamic microphone that is great with feedback and noise rejection. The reason that this microphone is so good is because it is made for vocalists that use the microphone very close to their mouths. On a lot of other microphones that I have used in the past; if the microphone is too close to the vocalist’s mouth it will cause a world of problems and during a live set that is the last thing you need. This microphone handles that great, it has a steel windscreen grill on it that is heat treated.


This microphone is made for vocalist and vocalist only, during a sound check we did some testing with it on a few instruments and it did not respond to well. The sounds of vocals through this microphone are crystal clear and warm, they sound big and that is perfect for a club or live setting. If you are a singer you will love this microphone because it gives you controls right on the microphone that you can change anytime you want.
You can take full control of your vocal effects right from the button on the microphone without having to stop the performance or anything. This is a singers dream; the button will enable vocal processors like VoiceTone Singles and Create XT. Being able to control your effects for when the verse or chorus kicks in is crucial to some sets and for ours it really was. Because we do not have a engineer team to take care of all of this things and we needed to be able to do it quickly ourselves. This microphone has armed us with the tools we need to do a great live show without any hassles. If you are a singer I highly suggest getting this microphone and learning to work the microphone control circuit. You will thank me later.