Cort Slammer Bass
Cort Slammer Bass

Slammer Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Cort.

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pseudopautilisé 04/22/2008

Cort Slammer Bass : pseudopautilisé's user review


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Coren, 20 frets, Bolt keys "something or other but tough", a microphone, a volume knob and a knob "tone" is a bass guitar a breeze.


The handle should be small hands, Access in treble is good. The weight of this bass is amazing lgret if you play standing with a strap that slips you could see the handle nosedive! It is small.


Plugs into a Peavey Microbass is INTERESTED. Do not look for one with its huge low as basic. I play mainly with mdiator, a good slap in the pop-rock. It is not for something more "fat".


I am a guitarist who wanted to try the bass, I found that the used, for cheap (60). It should be my game, because I have small hands. Its weight is lightweight enjoyable. This instrument is suitable for beginners and for "work" alone at home.