Cort C4Z
Cort C4Z

C4Z, 4-string bass guitar from Cort in the Artisan series.

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ramtron666 05/15/2006

Cort C4Z : ramtron666's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Bolt mahogany, rosewood key, 24 ferttes
Active Electronics
Volume with a push-pull for active passive
A micro scale
2 tonalitboost
2 Mighty Mite pickups

Asian manufacturing (core? ..)


Channel trs end, from top to bottom, with a veneer trs enjoyable.
The frets are small, which makes the game, and produces a "fretless a little."
CHAC to gus (and accuracy) is perfect.
It a bit heavy at beginners, but it sionon so good, it is well balance.


I play a little bit of everything, blues, rock. fingers or slap.

For the game the finger is nickel. To slap the game, it took me time to adapt. I played on a Jazz Bass type and the height of the strings, and the size and placement of microphones are slapper it took me elsewhere. But after a few weeks, it does rev well and has not become ill, and with the active electronic, is sending a.
The neck is fast and prcis trs. With legalization, whether passive or active, you come out a good range of sounds. On its jazz, its kind a big red hot.
I play a Peavey TNT 115 amp.


I played with for 4 months, I find trs good report quality price (350).
I tried other models before, the squier, fender of a Ibanez, a Yamaha.
It was a good report quality price.