Cort GBMP-3
Cort GBMP-3

GBMP-3, 4-string bass guitar from Cort in the MasterPiece series.

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philojulius 11/12/2011

Cort GBMP-3 : philojulius's user review

«  A Jazz Bass with high quality materials »

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A bass made in Korea by the "Custom Shop" Cort. A certificate signed by the luthier who assembled and finalized is provided.
The bridge is a Gotoh.
The handle is screwed and has 22 frets.
The configuration of the microphones is a classic passive JB, volume micro / micro volume / tone.
Nothing original, great quality. Ditto for the varnish. The wood (Cort has a stock denies) selected are beautiful.
In summary: ash body, figured maple table, flamed maple neck and button, two microphones Fender Jazz Custom 60 'mechanical Hipshot Chrome, chrome Gotoh bridge. Modern 'C' Shape NECK WIDTH 1F: 3 mm / 22F: 62mm NECK THICKNESS 1F: 21mm, 12F: 23mm eye maple fingerboard Bird, 12 Radius (305mm) FRET 22 / Large (2.7mm)


The handle is very nice. Less flat than the best (in my opinion) JB, feel very nice and beautiful wood. Ergonomics are good, a little more comfortable than a JB 20 frets. But the handling is generally that of a JB. The body is quite heavy.
Having the sound is as easy as a Jazz bass is versatile and sensitive to what is done with the fingers (electronic and passive pickups Fender Custom Shop).
However, it is very hard: the woods are super hard, same for the handle, it will age well I think ... but it has just a little aging. This is a very sensitive low I think: his fingers do the what (the inverse of the large active spot).


Yes, I play both jazz, funk and often uses sounds very "vintage" (as they say at every turn now ...), although in this last record, I have a JB Japanese rosewood fingerboard with 80's Start pickups S. Duncan who a dozen years that sounds more "old" and with more heat. I think the fault here at CS 60's pickups too young and very hard wood.
In terms of fishing, nothing to say, it sends a very strong and there is a beautiful range bass / treble despite passive electronics and microphones to the former: this time, thank you for the woods I think.
I play with a compression Joemeek and Markbass amps, great and very easy to adjust!


I use it for 3 months. What I like most is all, all I have to say and especially the price / quality ratio. What I like least (although I attach myself), the furniture inlaid look. The fact that it is necessary to justify in many cases (when the play is finished) the fact that there is written "Cort" on the head. It's basically a Jazz Bass with materials, a unique hardware and very good mics for the price of an American.
I would do without this choice problem and I even take pleasure in seeing the wonder sometimes caused when a "Cort" sounds like that hehe.