Danelectro Dead On! '58 Longhorn Bass
Danelectro Dead On! '58 Longhorn Bass

Dead On! '58 Longhorn Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Danelectro.

trois6 02/14/2010

Danelectro Dead On! '58 Longhorn Bass : trois6's user review


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Made in China
Violin overall clean, just the key that is poorly made (inlays bof bof, traces of glue ...)
masonite body
handle plywood (SLAR)
Easel (rosewood)
24 frets
2 lipstick pickups
Guitar: Mechanical
Two knobs two in one. This means that we RULES volume and tonality of the microphone on the same.
Finishing Copperburst (read burn cream ^ ^)


The neck is very fast, pleasant in hand, very late.
The weight of the instrument behavior and negligible because it is so low. You can play for hours without realizing it so you feel nothing's shoulder.
The shape so typical with these two "big horns" is very comfortable to play standing and perfect for a game sitting. Thigh idalie fits into the curvature of the horn.
The easy access to acute since there is as much an obstacle as a flying V. It is a perfect low to excite the longitudinal come and go!
Do you get a good sound easy?

Are easily obtained good sounds. A relatively wide range of sounds, sound down and smothered the slamming that hurts the ears. on the other hand there is a presence in dtachable boards, mediums, it is very pleasant Features and. Whatever the sound is chosen, it pierces the mix and it is understood.


* Are they suitable style of your music?
* With what (s) amplifier (s) or effect (s) do you play?
* What kind of sound you get and with what rglages ("crystalline", "fat ",....)?
* What are the sounds you prfrez that hates you?
I play on a Ashdown ABM EVO III with 115 and 210 ashdown ABM. Sounds of hell!
This bass sounds like a shovel thousand euros, send, twang, and with an overdrive you could imagine in Motorhead ^ ^

This is really excellent. It is also one of the big strengths of this bass. Have a sound like a, otherwise it is impossible for 300 with a Danelectro.

I put 9 because, all the same it is very typ so there probably some people who do not like ...


I also have a Thunderbird. It is relatively dffrent. It was really the medium rather to nag about Longhorn and much lower than that of TB. Ergonomics also Diffre LOTS. TB tomb is large and round his waist with a logger. The longhorn is lgre, fine and ultra fine to handle.

Most are indniablement its weight, its sounds and its relation quality price.
Cons: it must assume its look (the look but also located in the most: D) ​​and remains all the same instrument on some cheap points (knobs, key ...)

The report price is very high quality. Sound quality was a Rickenbacker (DIFFERENT but also qualitative) for almost ten times cheaper!

I would do without this choice problem. Copperburst finish is, for me, the most beautiful in Danelectro, the price is just unbeatable for those who list their GAS.

9 because I put the violin can be improved on some dtails all the same.