Danelectro Dead On! '58 Longhorn Bass
Danelectro Dead On! '58 Longhorn Bass

Dead On! '58 Longhorn Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Danelectro.

Nikko44700 01/21/2012

Danelectro Dead On! '58 Longhorn Bass : Nikko44700's user review

«  Quality / price! »

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Made in China, but well made. Mine has no default. Short scale, made of masonite, 2 lipstick pickups, mechanical guitar (it does not take much to Disagree as much).
I set up nets ropes course. For the price, no complaints!


The bass is very light (2kg!!) And incredible in terms of use. Ability to play very fast on the handle. It can stand for hours to play this instrument without feeling any pain in the shoulder. In the sitting position is very comfortable for its shape.


That is the big surprise! The sound is great and powerful, but very old school oriented. However, the knobs allow good flexibility (always back in the register). Fingers to pick it as an unbelievable fishing for an instrument also inexpensive. I used it in a rock'n'roll trio's 60, a group of swing songs for children today and in a country band. This ensures low and surprises every time the musicians.
Level I played on the amp Ashdown, Markbass, fender rumble, ampeg, the sound is always good.


Of course you have to like the look and not to seek a modern sound. I played for years on Fender Precision, but back problems forced me to abandon this kind of low.
I found this Danelectro store and trying it I was immediately won over. I do not part with it and will probably buy more Danelectro bass in the future. For those who are bothered by the shape of the Longhorn, there are the same brand in the "single cutaway bass 56" form a more conventional but very close to his level.
The quality / price is simply unbeatable in Danelectro. + I swear by this brand name.