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Epiphone Silver Burst Thunderbird IV
Epiphone Silver Burst Thunderbird IV

4-string bass guitar from Epiphone belonging to the Thunderbird series.

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MGR/Phil \'Haggis\' MGR/Phil \'Haggis\'

« Epiphone Thunderbird IV »

Publié le 05/19/05 à 15:00
I got this bass from my local music store: soundcontrol in preston (official website for a amazing bargain price of £200 - the RRP is £389 and to be honest - it is worth every penny!

For starters - it looks plain awesome. Many bass players use the Gibson version (which is seriously way out of my price range) - these include Shavo Odajian from SOAD, Mark Hamiltion from ASH, The guy from Placebo and Frankie Poullain from the Darkness. It suits me very well because it is a huge instrument and i am rather big myself.

Not much really - i find that it does get fingerprint marks on it very easily because of its shiny finish. Also, the shape makes it slightly top heavy so when youre not holding it- the head goes down to the floor.
Also, it isn't the easiest job in the world finding a stand to keep it upright, tho i managed to find one eventually - it also doesnt fit into youre standard bass case easily.

Its a seriously solid unit and can take a beating. It has a bolt on neck and is made of two pieces of wood joined in the middle with a raised bit over the top. The pickups are twin humbuckers with a deep fat sound perfect for rock bassing. The controls allow for a good range of tone though they take a bit of getting used to. The tuners are excellent! It just never goes out of tune no matter what you do to it!
It comes in a sunburst colour with a white scratchplate or a fairly rare black colour which will add about 30 quid onto the price I think. I have never actually seen one of these black ones in the flesh and only a few websites seem to sell them.

This bass is excellent for anyone who has experience of playing. I wouldnt recomend it for a beginner or a small person at all simply because of its sheer size and awkward shape. It does however suit the big bulky rocker and it looks awesome on stage, I know that when i have the money - I shall be getting the gibson version.

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