Epiphone Thunderbird Pro-IV
Epiphone Thunderbird Pro-IV

Thunderbird Pro-IV, 4-string bass guitar from Epiphone in the Thunderbird series.

poney(be) 03/10/2011

Epiphone Thunderbird Pro-IV : poney(be)'s user review

«  Perfect Choice! »

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everything has been said! 20 frets, neck-through (amazingly beautiful), mine is translucent black (very nice too), .... in short, is a Thunderbird! The average finish was excellent. This bass is the story of a compulsive buying! I was at my dealer (Very experienced in Brussels) to buy an EBS MULTICOMP, mid-afternoon before a rehearsal (I had to come back home, so I still had my bass on me) when I saw Thunderbird in the promotion to 299 € / Then I tried "to see", and voila, it's been almost a year that it delights me, I spun directly in repeats! Since then, I think buying the model 5cordes, to tell you.


The handle is a monster when we used a Jazz Bass, but we made it fast. I had to lend a file on the frets to me a little torn fingers on the first day. Access to acute is zero, but I tend to say: OSEF! As for sound, I could never even try the "real" Gibson, Epiphone, but the Pro is the bomb, the bomb, the bomb, it has to be said and re-told! I can not even imagine that instrument is less than 300 €, neck through, active, ... sounds as well! I'm sorry for the Chinese (or whatever I) that have been exploited for that, but for European students, which foot! [/ Selfish mode]


That T-Bird: rock, heavy. A beast with a pick, yet another finger. Sustain madness, or slamming his heavy, vintage or modern, that's all! I do not know where does this idea that it sounds and not to finger pick, wrong. Me playing very little to pick, I admit it sounds really with it, but it sounds equally well with fingers. She even accepts the slap without flinching! The EQ is really effective and TBird is as accurate to any level to bottom knob, that's how it sounds best! 10/10 upgrade its stride


almost a year of use. My only regret is that it is active, for batteries. It's a boring ... I often forget this detail and I end up with a bass that does not leave a note. But that is not a concern of low, but the owner ... :) Value for money that crushes Cort, Fender, ... Finally, it is completely different and subjective of course, but nothing the neck through ... phew, no thinking about it, I get chills!