Fender American Jazz Bass [2003-2007]
Fender American Jazz Bass [2003-2007]

American Jazz Bass [2003-2007], 4-string bass guitar from Fender in the Jazz Bass series.

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AlainT 08/09/2005

Fender American Jazz Bass [2003-2007] : AlainT's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Carvil adj Describes the instrument.
Looking for a new bass, I had the opportunity to try the rcemment American Series Jazz Bass with "magic button" in a nice store Dijon. The silent one amp combo Ashdown (a marvel Premire COST ...).
Three button functions sharp and clear: volume of each microphone, attnuateur treble. on the other hand, no volume gnral ..... If I crack, I'll probably him adjondre prampli an external (like Aguilar), at least for cete due (plus adaptation of impdance).
The essay MODEL silent April 1 strings.


The neck seems less fluid than my current guitar (which I will not because everyone laughs, but it is not bad when even (since ending for the 20 years that I bear ...)). Not as dsagrable than the Precision even when .... (Angry cries in the room ....).
Ms. notes that Carvil: APRS nothing usable on the latest D strings. Too bad, but as the salesman told me, for forty years that has lasted, where is the problem?
Weight lev I have nothing to do as an amateur (albeit vintage, but only amateur ...).
Simplicity of use: the top (from the "Magic Switch" blocked like Carvil!).
Despite an ear exercises, and the quality of extreme combo Ashdown, I did not hear any noise, regardless of the position of rglages. Carvil srement with reason, hollow point (if there are microphones "noiseless", it must be for good reason!).
All this and Jazz Bass Combo Ashdown gave a warm and prcis with too much micro Chevallet, and EHJV lgante with a little more micro Chevallet. 2000 E For both happiness!


I said quite a bit above about the couple Ashdown / passive Jazz Bass. If I crack (which is almost done), I think the sound is not bad too with my combo SWR Workingman's 15, with less heat. Cel said, I think we have the super mfier his "alone", which became big mush when others are musicos l. ... A bit of hardness allows the bass position themselves at the bottom of the mdium enmble orchestral say.
Overall, the Jazz Bass guitar seems passive plutt soft, while remaining prcise. Ideal for pop / jazz, no doubt.


I have only tried this instrument (two births). But I have tried many others, under the same conditions.
What I like most is the variety of sounds, but prcis hot, we can get. The simplicity of rglages too.
What I like least is the handle: rough, and in the upper limit (though I often do not rise above the D string ....!). G.
Report qualitprix: good in nine, is expected to increase in trs good opportunity.
I'll probably make that choice .....