Fender American Standard Jazz Bass [1995-2000]
Fender American Standard Jazz Bass [1995-2000]

American Standard Jazz Bass [1995-2000], 4-string bass guitar from Fender in the Jazz Bass series.

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Atn 11/30/2003

Fender American Standard Jazz Bass [1995-2000] : Atn's user review


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JB US STANDARD 4 strings, 20 frets, 1996. Bought new 1050 euros flightcase with original fender strings 100-45 original key to the handle Allen wrench for saddles and Fender strap.

Fender vintage bridge: its only weak point. Many spend on Badass, with good reason.
The neck is rosewood. The sound is softer than maple. On my instrument, not a lot of serious high-fat (not like on my fretless + JB).
A micro volume (2 microphones), a passive tone: a passive filter that cuts the treble. Basic but I always leave the bottom (not like on my JB + or fretless I put 50% for a more bass).
The handle is easily adjustable through the stem trusrod + key provided. Most of this model compared to its noble ancestors (the JB there since 1960): a graphite reinforcement in the handle that provides exceptional stability, not to mention the tuning that never moves (sometimes, I test my tuning after 2 weeks without playing and it did not move! while on my JB +, good evening the floating floor!).


The handle is very nice, very fine (for girls and other small hands). getting started can be confusing because the key is bent and the back of the neck really shaped D (upper case), ie roots as a Telecaster.
Access to acute satisfactory. Only 20 cases (JB + = 22 boxes!), Some just for gaming agreements ..
The interface is spartan. The beast's nose pitched down and I paid tendinitis at first because I was playing with the handle diagonally as on my Ibanez imitation Accuracy. In fact, it should be allowed to do: she gets naturally to the horizontal, which is not unpleasant with a fine like that ...

The weight is therefore but reasonable. Attention to the back after three hours, sometimes I have stiffness in his left shoulder in concert.

The sound? THE sound! I cracked on We Want Miles (1982) because / with Marcus? He had a maple fingerboard JB 1975 preamp Sadowski (I only knew much later, of course). And Pasto? not at all the same style but equally effective, not even his and yet the same expressiveness. What was this miracle? US Jazz Bass too! (But fretless "custom made in Jaco").

Bassist Bob? Aston "Family" Man? A JB Deluxe (since 1998). There's no secrets, man! All sounds are in this groovy piece of wood ... In '70, y'en who saw jouert a rosewood fingerboard US JB (1975? See cover of Babylon by bus)). Good vibes!

Only problem: the oxidation of the bridge saddles, pads and microphones also saw the plate. But on the series "relics", is home ...


I play reggae, Latin, sometimes jazz, funk / soul, blues. With my SWR Silverado, I must say that it is happiness. Expensive! But happiness anyway.

I also have a Q-Tron and pushing the bridge pickup, I sound very vintage or experimental: Stevie Wonder, Bill Laswell, Bootsy. Again, happiness. Dear (1450FF), but happiness anyway!

In reggae, blues, soul / funk: the bottom two microphones, a sound I dug in the media. It's groovy and often they tell me that I really "sound the death that kills her mother" or "the sound that tears the wings of moths" (there is a slight exaggeration) or other expressions automatically censored by the moderator: "It pierces me the Q (tron) that sound!"

In Rockabilly, Jazz, Q-Tron, Latino, bridge pickup + neck pickup to the bottom a little behind, I have a more medium that really sings. Games for the pizzicato is a treat. For a bass sound, I place my palm on the strings near the bridge and I play the thumb: roots! roots! roots!

For cons, I hate the neck pickup only (rock, rock firmly). Or the tab but I never play with the tab. (You should never say "jam to the tab").

For strings, DR LO-Riders seem to me the absolute ideal (95-40 but I tried 100-45 for a little more curvaceous). On the flat Addorio nets (100-45) sound pretty smooth to win (or do as Aston "Family" Man)


This is my main bass since 1996 and it changed my life.

She is beautiful in her black dress and white plate (ivory over time), she caressed by dropping gasps of pleasure, she follows me everywhere, it creates envy and jealousy, I can not leave in other hands. It drives me crazy. His name? US Sandard Jazz Bass!

I had an Ibanez precision imitation maple fingerboard: I dropped a month after he fell in love with my JB ... Even an old Fender Precision let me also of marble. The Music Man, I do not too much: too rock, not enough soup and it's more expensive!

I saw Brad Scott (Arthur H) with a superb reissue JB 62 black with red pearl plaque: the sound was even hotter and more granular than mine. I am jealous of Brad Scott.

I like the first one to Precision Micro (model Telecaster Bass as Sting), the sound is roots too. The two half-Precision microphones, for cons, I hate. For me, fingers, nothing beats the JB. Pär to pick against the Precision is better.

I do not play as fingers, slap rarely, often in agreements (beyond the 12th case). This instrument is perfect. There is choice in the reissue models 62, 75, maple neck, rosewood, Deluxe, etc.. You do not worry, you find your style.

Sometimes at night I wake up in a sweat of fear of having lost. Then, reassured, I go back the sheet over her and I go back to sleep in her curves. (I'm a little romance, but hey, it's not far from reality and yet I am married with two Mouflets).