Fender Marcus Miller Jazz Bass
Fender Marcus Miller Jazz Bass

Marcus Miller Jazz Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Fender in the Marcus Miller series.

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Davy1975 08/10/2005

Fender Marcus Miller Jazz Bass : Davy1975's user review


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Pass me the expression, but a lot of people masturbating on the brain but the US was an exceptional Japanese. Of all the spices are fawn American made and assembled in Japan but has good remains a tremendous job.

Well it's a Jazz Bass or so if you want more box, must choose another! there are 20 and not more. But it Yadji good way to get much pleasure believe me.

Pouahhh the bridge: Outstanding! is a Badass Bass II. I take prt paris if you put the machine son instead of strings and well you would still incredible sustain. I play on the Ernie Ball 95-45 Bah sounds and tapping the attack STRID and slap.

Rglages level, there is not much to say except that it is happiness. Indeed, the microphones are adjustable, one by one in the volume. it is active and passive thanks a switch accessible trs. the only thing we could regret is that the Tone is adjustable in both the active position but good was part of the instrument.

The handle, the handle ?????? what to say except that it's velvet. it slides perfectly too big or too thin with a pronounced radius but this is normal and we are not at home fender Ibanez. etc.).


The handle is homogne, enjoyable and easy and does not cre surprise in the fast passages (up or down range, slides etc.). It's a fender so you do not find a tree trunk in his hands.

As for the Accessibility assistive Aiges to say anything, well that's great and easy.

Ergonomics, personally, I am convinced by Fender? I tried one before buying the Spector Marcus Miller. Spector's true good is the great balance. You put it on your knee in sitting position, she held in balance by itself but good when you play with this kind of instrument is to include the Rock so the seat positrion who cares. The bridge which is located above the microphone is a bit surprising, it's true but what is it that a gnial lets discuss other fawns playing.

The sound is simply poustouflant bah. dja it is active so a can play in two colors of sound. then it is versatile. I play dasn a group where we make again and composed. j arrive with produce sounds useful for making morceaus Cranberries ranging from System of a Down through Marylin Manson and Pearl Jam. jous I solo a little jazz and a password too. derrire my Marcus Miller I have a Ampeg BA 115 HP (220 watts) bah no shit it is a compromise IDAL. The harmonics sound everywhere.


Yes it is so versatile all sounds are accessible but effective rock trs. my amp and an Ampeg BA 115 hp and the two together make a duly shuffled.


I play for 17h now, it's 4 am 'and I did not let the bass. But before I did the essay longuememt magazine. I love this bridge on the microphone to give a play by other perpsectuives s obligation to adapt. poiur Adrangi ones, just the dvisser