Fender Marcus Miller Jazz Bass
Fender Marcus Miller Jazz Bass

Marcus Miller Jazz Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Fender in the Marcus Miller series.

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bassist_Neofeat 07/17/2005

Fender Marcus Miller Jazz Bass : bassist_Neofeat's user review


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As prcdement, made in Japan but amricaine piece!
20 frets fender vintage jazz, really good compared to those of such precision!
a bridge of fire, away from the bridges that offers a mexiquaine example ^ ^
4 knobs and a toggle switch is in the low active or passive in! 2 knobs for severe acute in active, two knobs pr the volume of the two micro.
one can indeed complain about mcaniques, but hey, it's a details that only the pros worry, el sending it, hate the MCA origin or pa!
^ ^


The handle is a head of caviar way! G o mm when trying a warwick corvette standard, which is of a mm in ca CATEGORY REFERENCE, which is far from having a handle of shit , ben Yav vrmt pa photo, slide the handle beautifully! the access o acute is good, the ergonomics of the bass is good, be the little valve in chrome ODBU Drout, fo review its way of play, but hey, rine alarming qd mm! the sound is easily found, see more ....


Any style of music, it's true that it is versatile little paraittre bizar, but style, poour me rock! APRS between a corvette and the latter, the diffrence is located few steps from the o nivo we are looking for! the ac marcus miller, you have a round o possibl acle micro serious one, an aggressive its square, see mm tro, ac micro aigu.si we couple the two, it's easy to find happiness, and if you put the active lctronique, n we have 2 more faith the possibility ac rglag grav aigu.le sound is warm and pigs, frank c by Drout report a warwick, my personal, g felt that the Warwick, a falls ct tai tellemtn it cold!! yet a super low c koi, but marcus miller my bluff c tt! me personal, although the acute jm ds the way or I send, but I used a APPRI sounds serious passages of impressive depth! srieu, tro good qd mm koi! 10 Live! ^


I did try the pdt fai 30 minute, but I v biento the acqurir!! Tnat left, I orient myself more a deluxe worm left, but a ct cheap, then J 'I look warwick, and also the precision bass amricaine, but nothing was done, that the c alor ki bluff my tan feet, I turned, I put knob of smaller, but a jack sews such versatility, it will not happen rat pa, c tt! ac possible settings just the bass, ca carrment become a bomb! then, for 1300 euros, I think it is good to invest a good faith after being in a little prampli Sadowsky, which changes the sound of mm tt, pa in May evil ^ ^
the report is excellent quality primary, offers a deluxe active control over pa, pa el does micro vintage, then a bomb c koi ^ ^ I try warwick, and the two are equal, only the its the rglag chang! ac the exprience, I do it again this choi, and I advise that tt is the bassist of the left or right handed acqurir because it is a pure wonder .... Mr goguely mla di ... so I believe it was thank you ....;) vs ....;)