Fender Deluxe Aerodyne Jazz Bass
Fender Deluxe Aerodyne Jazz Bass

Deluxe Aerodyne Jazz Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Fender in the Deluxe Jazz Bass series.

Bluesy251 05/26/2005

Fender Deluxe Aerodyne Jazz Bass : Bluesy251's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Low factory in Japan, with accessories US
Affects 20 frets,, short scale,, super enjoyable
2 microphones US,, precision in the center and Jazz bass to treble,,, What tone range!
The rglages are identical the US Jazz Bass,,,, I changed the buttons mtal by original Jazz Bass,,, got question ....
While the handle, is the highway, a rgal,,, nothing wrong ..........


It is,, The Channel! ! ! Access in acute poses no problem (requires Fender)
The basswood body of the Jazz Bass has matured in thickness t,,, which gives it a weight gain not ngligeable,,, especially when you play three hours standing.
Its black lacquer with its binding crme,,, ct Classy strengthens the scraper.
The mixing of the two microphones, with a bit of experience, is a rgal on my Ampeg Rocket 100.


Styles are trs Varis,,, POP and fairly Blues, but the Slappeur rgaler must be able to as well.
Personally, my sounds are prfrs Pop are very fat, and the sound waves passing through a New BassAttack of Hartke,,,


I possde several Basses (500 / 1 Hofner-Rickenbecker 4001 - Gretsch Tennessean Line 6 Variax bass), but it is my Low of references that most closely matches my expectations of music, others are more types or specially
In addition, the purchase price of this bass, bought in September 2004, is located between Mexico and a US, so report quality / price excellent,,, Also,,, I believe that c is a SERIES limit and it will be impossible to dnicher one in a while! !