Fender Highway One Precision Bass [2006-2011]
Fender Highway One Precision Bass [2006-2011]

Highway One Precision Bass [2006-2011], 4-string bass guitar from Fender in the Precision Bass series.

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musiconteur 03/18/2010

Fender Highway One Precision Bass [2006-2011] : musiconteur's user review


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# Made in USA
# Handle Type: Vissbr /> # Neck: Maple C radius 241 mm
# Rosewood Fingerboard
# Number of Frets: 20
# Number of Strings: 4
# Shape: Precision Bass
# Body: Alder
# Position: Right
# Bridge: Vintage
# Finish: Varnish satinbr /> # color: 3 tone sunburst
# Pickups: Vintage Single coil alnico
# Electronics: Passive
Contrle Tone # 1
# Contrle volume: 1
# Mcaniques: Standard
# Hardware: Chrombr /> #: Electric
pitch: 34 '


The fact that the varnish or satin gives a touch on the very pleasant round.
It is a bit heavy long on stage. But it is balance. The handle does not fall.
So, only the shoulder is a little tired at the end of service.


I am rather Rock 60-70 with Pink Floyd influence in regard to the sound of the bass, so it's really the sound that suits me. In my songs, it passes the test with success both in country style, Celtic and rock. As against it is not made for jazz.
Usually, I use it with a Fender combo.


Over the years I played on an imitation Ryan Fender precision,
a Fender Precision of the 70s, a Rickenbacker, a Washburn and Aria Pro II
I love the Fender sound.
I would have loved to have the budget for a Fender Vintage 62 Accuracy with a radius of 184 mm, but my portfolio has decided otherwise.
By choosing the model, I have a little nostalgia permit guide me which explains the choice on the sunburst. A shares, shame that it is book with a cover rather than a tui. But, hey ...

Finally it's not so bad, because I also have a fretless Aria Pro II with a radius of 241. I therefore more easily pass from one another.

On the day of this notice is a 2006 model ... We'll see if over time it gets better.