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G&L SB-1
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carvil 04/07/2005

G&L SB-1 : carvil's user review


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Lower United States, mine is a sunburst bought misery in 1991. I feel at the time, it was not easy to sell. The store home loan were two he kept a long time before the solder to 5000 FF. My regret is having missed the cue, but it was the sunburst of exquisite.

Pasissandre key, maple neck, body ... very very heavy. The nickname of my G & L Bass Heavy!

The head is not as celled G & L are present: there is no small point. However, the leaflet G & L was in the case shows that other models SB-1 and SB-2 had the edge, so it's not a question of generation. But the latest SB had, like the picture above.

A micro-type precision passive. One volume, one tone, which only reduces the treble. Two spaces more than the Fender, which achieves the high E and then stack three octaves.

In short, as simple and proven.

And G & L approved the SB, so I feel like a rare instrument!


The body shape is perfect to reach the last box. The handle is nice, a little physical, but I have big hands and I play rarely triple-note, I've never complained.

Little action as possible on his view the configuration, except the bass is very sensitive to the set of right hand attacks are very well reproduced, attacks such as soft stand near the handle it becomes very round, towards the bridge more percussive. Great. All bass players who were able to try it thought the greater good.

A small regret, but it may be a setting, the sounds of the low E string are brooms, a little mixed with others. But what a sound!

The level is very high, much more than my Jazz Bass.


The sounds are very upscale. I played blues, rock, jazz. As I said before, the sound is built on the right hand and you can have a gentle walking like a big hard rock.


I love this bass. In addition, sentimental value, even sold off, I could not get the offer and that my young friend offered it to me. I remained faithful to the low and the friend (now my wife), even if I bought a Jazz Bass phatasme rather than by real need.
EDIT no interest here: I sold my jazz bass is definitely that the SB-1 is enough in itself. And my wife has just dumped me, so finally, my SB-1 is more accurate.