Godin BG-4 Bass
Godin BG-4 Bass

BG-4 Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Godin in the BG Bass series.

rory64 02/24/2004

Godin BG-4 Bass : rory64's user review


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Voil well logtemps vouais I have great respect Godin, known for its quality instruments (and often expensive trs). Until, ho miracle, I found a new BG4 an affordable price trs (rolling stock ...).
Level manufacturing, diffrent parts of the guitar are made in the United States and then assembled and finished by hand by the makers of Godin, Canada. The finish is irrprochable, and everything exudes strength.
To ensure optimum transmission of frquences throughout the bass, the neck and the central part of the bass are on Saddle Drive. It gives a great sustain particulirement.
It is in team 2 EMG active pickups (the new models are in Semour-Duncan), of a volume knob, with a balance and a rglage bass and treble. Book with a rigid fly.


THE FIRST ds grip, this low trust. Although balance, with a handle (my taste) perfect and strong, and easy one button and a form prcise particulirement tudie well, I fell in love after than 10 seconds. One thing, it is up with ropes a little too hard my taste (but that's my problem, I have that change).
Ca, c'tait before connecting ...


The sound? How to tell? ENOOOOORME!
As I said, dj, excellent sustain. The electronic particulirement effective and rigidity of all let out long, pure harmonics, a large grain by attacking the bridge, and from jazz to heavy rock, to reggae and funk I do not russian take default. Couple my HK BassForce XXL (and effects), it is all the rage.
It sometimes lacks a rglage mdiums on, but I'm picky.


As mentioned in the introduction, I bought this bass enjoying a nice promo. I do not think I will have bought its current price, if only for a budget problem. That said, for the price of a JazzBass well made (about 1800), finishing dubious and inflated prices, you have the guitar polivalente trs, enjoyable play and watch.
We just give me a Schack (German luthier, round carbon look beautiful and noble species), my dilemma would be to know that I prfre ...
In conclusion, I think this bass is an excellent choice for demanding bass players who want a versatile and robust, even if it remains somewhat CHRE.