Harley Benton MB22-2T
Harley Benton MB22-2T

MB22-2T, 4-string bass guitar from Harley Benton.

okapie76 07/05/2007

Harley Benton MB22-2T : okapie76's user review


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Harley Benton MB22-2T (copy Fender Jazz-Bass)
Jazz-style bass, maple neck, button palisssandre, 20 frets, 2 volume controls, 1 tone control, two jazz-style pickups, chrome parts, color: 2 tone sunburst.
all for € 98 from Thomann.
Reminder: harley benton is a trademark of thomann or German are good copies of typed qualitées gibson, fender.


Surprising ...
the violin is pretty well done. form and buttons and jack plate typed fender jazz bass.
a single fold to the plate as one complaint.
the handle is very comfortable to play. typed fender.
lets get it under control.


I bought it primarily for fun with a low, men finally I used all the time. I fai catches her with.
for the price, simply amazing. jai course changed the original strings for warmick. set the bridge and cettai party. I still voi allucinant sound of the bass on my guitar amp guitar rig then um preamp with bass.
the two microphones are complementary, rather a heavy one, severe (handle), the other pretty accurate (bridge). can vary the volume of each as desired. (Jaime many pickup setting a bottom and a half lautre, good sound ... pti made in Sublime). the tone is very effective, we pass a sound with a lot of presence ...
is not the best low market but for the price it is very effective.


. / QUALITY unbeatable prices
. Sound and playability to go ...^^...
for € 98, I rééditaire ...