N2Pro 03/04/2007

Ibanez AGB200 : N2Pro's user review


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See manufacturer specifications.


The handle is nice.
Access to acute: pretty easy.
The ergonomics are very good.
For cons, I am very disappointed with the sound. Nothing to do with the typical sound of the guitars "Archtop" which sound much warmer and rounder. Here, the sound is very metallic and even aggressive. If you like jazz, forget it right away. More suitable for rock, punk ...


Not suitable at all to jazz and blues.
I use it live on a "isa220" Focusrite.
Adjusting treble-bass is useless, the sound is very aggressive and acute.


After eight days, I returned to the store I was so disappointed.
She is beautiful but that's all.
Unfortunately, these days, few stores are still low half-boxes in stock. So I have tried that solid-body.
Value: a little expensive to hang in his living room.
I would do absolutely do not have the same choice.