2o2rnr2y2d 10/26/2011

Ibanez AGB200 : 2o2rnr2y2d's user review

«  She is beautiful but ... »

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round of 42 by 30 inches long words short scale except that the string scale shorts are too short of an inch, you need medium scale!
for the remaining 1 Vol 1 basta select a tune

This bass is very nice and very well finished, I can not get enough
it is relatively light and not too bulky


There are gate ca: ca adjustable base frieze everything is after several months of attempted adjustable I finally found something supporting, with a huge practice and a truss rod low. Probably involved the angle of the shaft relative to the table.
Once set such problemme the handle is pleasant but hey if you go in the high gate ca be seen the height of the strings


Ah the sound ... it is a round style boom boom, that's all. the tone is very inefficient (or need to listen to headphones) select only changes a little sound.
The acoustic sound is kinda (there is a beam under the table because of a low bridge type solid) by means very well against all the sounds of freight, ropes and frieze, they are amplified by this architecture. Flat ropes fillées reduce the noise
In fact I used to study slight low as not too bulky, beautiful to watch and most often acoustic.


I use it for a year and have been trying to sell it when I tried desperately adjustment, but it is so beautiful.
Difficult to advise saw the final result in his practice and is a real shame because it very well done and worth its money if it was effective on the musical