Ibanez GAXB150
Ibanez GAXB150

GAXB150, 4-string bass guitar from Ibanez in the GIO AX series.

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DoWn 01/30/2008

Ibanez GAXB150 : DoWn's user review


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The ibanez GAXb 150 is a passive bass that indonsienne posse of a round of 32 '(so short) 20 frets

The mic (a SOAP BAR DUAL COIL) is of fairly good quality for an instrument of class. against by the selectuer of Tone offers only three options: a sharp bottom, bottom and a low medium. It helps beginners to choose the sound, since there are only three possible choices, we do not pass his life fiddling with buttons!

For life, it must take, even if the bridge is a little "fake", if one cares, I see no reason why it breaks.


The neck is short and thin enough. rather enjoyable to play with a satin varnish that does not fit the palm of the hand with the sweat.

Easy to learn, fun. The lightness of the whole can play in comfort, and the body well and dcoup end is enjoyable to wear.
access to the treble is pretty average, but hey, it's a bass, not a shred guitar.
access to the volume is fairly easy, but the Tone selector is a bit far I think.
The bass has a nice shape and is lgre scne on what must be nice, but the concept is pushed too far, because the body is less heavy than the handle, once the scene of the handle must be a trend from down, which is perhaps not the most enjoyable.

The 3 posisitions tononales are somewhat cartoonish, but still usable, even if
position "while low" is a bit "too" in the lower right ...
The sound is still pretty good.
Position "while acute," we get a good sound of slamming to slap. the mdium to my preferences, for finger style.


This little lower first price is really nice: pr-tone look DCAL RULES to avoid getting lost in rglages, it is aimed priori to beginners, but bass levels can be reunited with their account, because the violin is honorable for the price.

it must be able to adapt to many styles, but it will sculpt the sound with his amp.

the sound that my preferences is the sound mdiums, very suitable for finger style.

After we have to see if the mechanisms are much the tuning, which is not ...


I only test this bass, and AIM I have the body shape, the lgret of all the finesse and the handle.

In terms of minimum, the handle is heavier than the body, it sucks a bit, and length, the abscence of finesse in rglages must be weighing

I test a lot of models and it is an original alternative to cort action bass that abound. However, it can be prfrer her older sister (the DBMS 200 if I remember correctly), active, classic shape a little more going on everywhere (too bland), but also more "spiral"

Give it a try, I pretty personal AIM is quite enjoyable to use.
The sounds are very sharp, it's pretty fun.
short, fun for little money (less than 200 new now)