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jackololo 04/13/2006

Ibanez SR400 : jackololo's user review


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Low-active electronics has made in Korea (ca may have changed mine a bit dated ...)
-I do not know the type of wood used, but it's not very noble wood (but hey, considering the price ..). I would say the lime
Micros-type precision + Ibanez jazz bass
Cordier-classical, but not type "tole pliea right angles."
-Because it is an old series, volume one general, one volume knob and a microphone to Tone.
-Typical Ibanez neck: thin, light U fast.


-As said before, fast and handle end, a typical brand. The setting of this one is easy and efficient access.
-Good ergonomics. If like me you have the guitar (Ibanez, also), you will not be confused by the size of sleeve. Weight is enough content and form goes everywhere with easy access to acute.
-The knobs are very effective. When you turn, it changes the sound really. Without that it becomes extraordianire. But considering the price of the beast, it is very correct!


-I play metal, and for that Ibanez is the bon.Mais can easily deal with other styles.
-It is played on a Hartke HA3500 head, couple (soon to replace my old VX410) a baffle XL410 in the same brand and a 15 'Ampeg.
-As for sound, I t very happy for years. And then we see that the highs are very sharp, not very interesting, and frankly it lacks the foundation in large bass. Problem solved by mounting a set of EMG PJ. Therefore, the low has a new heart and it shows! I chose to keep this instrument to mount this set is worth almost as much as the bass used, because it is very well made despite its price! She took a good flight plan several years ago, and it never goes out of tune! Indestructible! From the I am saying that it was well worth a lil investisement and frankly, it makes a good instrument. But keeping the original set, it is worth its price already widely.


"I have this bass for 8 years including 2 years with the EMG
Low super-sturdy, adjustable tuning rare and anecdotal handle. Cordier, who, even if it is beefy, a little "cheap": The saddles are of the Fender
T-ca was my first bass. I tried others, but given the price / power, I care!
Qualitprix-report very good. What appears is not always the case if one goes up in line with Ibanez.
-If I had a choice (and under), I let myself be tempted by a Vigier Excess. But (I had bought a 2300E that time used) the same amount in my pocket, I do it again this election!