MGR/Mike Maloney 12/09/2003

Ibanez SR500 : MGR/Mike Maloney's user review

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I bought this bass at a place in London, Ontario called John Bellone's Musical Instruments. I paid $400 plus taxes for it.

Right off the bat I was impressed with how it sounded. It has a real deep yet almost twangy sound. I also like how the neck moulds to my hand. My friends have told me that wood doesnt mold to your hand, but I'm telling you it does. The frets are flawless, they are so smooth I can slide from the bottom all the way to the top without the worry of cutting my fingers.(I know that shouldn't be an issue, but I've played some guitars that shredded my hands)The strings stay in tune suprisingly long. I could be rocking out hard for 4 or 5 hours at band practice, come back next week, and they're still in tune.

To be totally honest, there is nothing I don't like about this guitar.

This bass is SOLID!! For anyone who plays bass a lot, Im telling you, you arent going to find a more solid guitar then this. I've dropped it many a times and she still keeps goin strong. The neck is attatched to the body with what seems like concrete, it is extremely strong.

IF you are looking for a bass guitar in the $400 range, I hgihly recommend this guitar. It is amazing, I guarantee you'll like it.

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